1. Activity and Vacation

1.1 - Activity

Each legion member should try to be online at least once
a day to do the most important things.
These include, among others:
- The donation to the Legion
- The collection of log-in rewards
- rolling the dice in the All Blue Bar


1.2 - Inactivity

An inactivity that lasts longer than 3 days, should
be announced to the legion leader. (See '1.3 - Vacation')
A member who is inactive longer than 4 days,
without announcing it to the legion leader will be
dismissed from the legion.
Members with level 100 + will be dismissed after
7 days of unanounced inactivity.


1.3 - Vacation

Every inactivity that lasts longer than 3 days will be
considered as vacation. Any player who announce
a vacation of more than 7 days will be asked by the
legion leader if he/she would leave the legion for this time
in order to make some space for other active players
and receives a guarantee that once he is back from vacation,
he will be resumed into the legion imidiately.

2. Donation

2.1 - Amount of Donation

A donation to the Legion should always be at least
the level of the protagonist*1000.
For example: If your level is 83, so you should donate
at least 83,000Berī to the Legion.
If your donation is below that limit, you will receive
a mail from the legion leader that your donation
has been too low the day before.
It is better to just use the "Maximum" button
to give the Legion the best possible support.


2.2 - The List of Non-donators

Active legion members that don't donate to the
legion will be registered on the list of non-donators.
The list covers the last 5 days.
Anyone who is on the list 3 times will be dismissed from the Legion.
(that means you have not donatet in 3 of 5 Days)
However, with each entry in the list you get a mail
from the legion leader that you are registered in the list.
This message is to be regarded as a warning
of an impending dismiss from the legion.

3. Plundering

A plunder-guide will follow shortly.

4. Legion-Information-System

4.1 - 100% Enhancement

Should a member of the legion see that the equpiment enhancement
luck is 100% he should immediately tell this in the legion chat (in-game).
Simply write "100%" in the chatbox, but make sure that you're in the
legion chat in order to not give the opportunity
to use the 100% rate to other legions.

5. - The Homepage

5.1 - Visiting the Homepage

Visiting the Homepage is not mandatory.
Nevertheless, any member of the Legion should visit the
homepage at least once a week to find out
about news (e.g. rule changes).


5.2 - Legion Chat

Here on the homepage you will find a legion chat,
which you can use outside of the game.
There is no chat-obligation but
every Legion member is welcome there.

6. The Legion Rules

6.1 - Extension and Modification of the Rules

An extension or modification of the rules is possible at any time.


6.2 - Announcements

Should the rules be extended or modified
it will be announced here on the homepage.